The internationalization of e-commerce: A case study of the Alibaba group


Elói Martins Senhoras
Universidade Federal de Roraima (UFRR)
Matheus Felipe Pereira de Souza
Universidade Federal de Roraima (UFRR)


Internet, Business, Purchase, E-Commerce


Electronic commerce, by engendering a number of new businesses and technological tools, has assumed an important role in international business, introducing new business methods and producing new ways of wealth. Taking this discussion for granted this book aims to provide a better understanding of the e-commerce internationalization process, giving a special focus to the growth of the Alibaba Group, a leading industry in terms of e-commerce.

The methodology of this work departs from an overall analysis to a particular point, making an overview of the international business and e-commerce internationalization process, reviewing primary and secondary sources, in order to provide a better understanding of the processes that engendered the growth of electronic commerce and its internationalization process.

The results of this research demonstrate the landmarks that have introduced by Alibaba group in the development context of electronic commerce. In addition, the research showed a strong state influence in the electronic commerce internationalization process, through a series of research incentives, infrastructure and business creation strengthening this business tool around the world.

Through a case study on the Alibaba Group and a instructive focus for undergraduate and graduate students, this book contributes not only for a better understanding of e-commerce but also brings into discussion new strategies related to international business demonstrating how the western world reshapes the dynamics of capitalism and economic international relations.


junho 1, 2018


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